Become a fund manager with REAL MARKET Trading Firm!

In your path as a Trader, you surely tried several times to raise a little capital: maybe even by risking the whole amount of money that you had, hoping in a huge return, such as double or quadruple it.

This is not impossible, but it is really unlikely. Certainly, it would require lots of tests and lots of money lost.

Now you have the opportunity to give evidence of your ability with a consistent equity, thanks to Real Market.

Well, it is extremely easy. It is a win-win situation. We are giving you the money and you will trade with them. Lastly, we split the profits.

First step: you will receive the credentials of a demo account, which is monitored by an automatic system and, in addition, by a technician (that will be available 24/5) in order to check your profitability.

With a deadline of 30 days from your start, you have to show us that you are profitable enough by rising at least 10% of profits, without exceeding 5% as a daily risk and no more than 10% in 30 days as a total amount risked.

Second step: a verification process will start by giving you the same target of the first step but with 60 days of time (maximum).

Third step: if you pass the challenge and the verification process, you will be entitled to have a REAL account: you will have the same loss limits but no profit target. Payouts are daily.

You are going to operate as you like, without violating the operating conditions, of course!

Once you get the real account by Real Market, you will earn from 15% up to 30% of your profits. As said before, the payments are daily, so you can withdraw your profit everyday.

The following table has some examples:

Account size10.000$25.000$50.000$100.000$
Min. Profit1000$2500$5000$10000$
Daily DD500$ daily1250$ daily2500$ daily5000$ daily
Total DD1000$ max2500$ max5000$ max10000$ max


And that is not all!

If you are consistent over time, you will get the chance to increase the available equity up to $500,000!

No worries! You will have additional free 30 days to do the test again!

Unfortunately, you will have to pay the entry fee again and restart the challenge.

Absolutely not! The “entry fee” is used to cover any loss. And if you got the real account after all those tests, it means that you are DEFINITELY an excellent trader. We set the loss limits precisely to prevent significant losses.

For more information, please contact Stefano Casu.